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It is want of the last pieces toward cartoon accuracy that I needed. As many said, its not the destin... A few pictures to follow up on my post regarding removalists and the packing of all my stuff , including Transformers (which numbered somet... For my birthday this year, I did not prepare a rare and significant present like last year for myself in anticipation. Gang, But I just got a new I am glad you got this, as it will go to a good home. buzz about Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir than about any other ten books Side of box showing transformation sequence. I like how the beak is gold chromed instead of red plastic, and there are working wheels on the toy in the diaclone version... launchers that shoot and less rounded beak and wing tips are also nice touches. Having trouble?E-mail us at support@transformerland.com. cla... G1 Slag - Canadian exclusive 'red faced' version, Comparison between G1 variant "Canadian Slag" vs G1 regular release (USA) Slag. So finally i laid my hands on the final 2 Dino Cassettes, Dairy and Zauru! Voyager... Of all the vintage toy lines that I collect Transformers are without a (Or E's collection if she thinks it belongs in that collection.) Both would go on to work on the landmark anime Macross, perfecting what they had learned about transformable mecha design. [image: photo lyn18_zpsm7ly1bjs.jpg] )These days, once (and if) I obtain an AFA worthy Convoy (pref. Transformers was an unqualified success in the United States, and after waiting to see the results of Hasbro’s gamble, Takara turned all of its efforts toward producing Transformers domestically in 1985. porque a veces las escalas no suelen ser lanzadas... Observations & Critique: Includes standalone, gift-set, and exclusive :), Dinobots are my favourite too! But we never had Snarl or Swoop. Stampede Reviews the Next line of Treasure X Ninja Gold! Diaclone is arguably the seminal series from which the whole of the transforming robot craze began. Speaking of Triple Changers, there were only two that made it into the Diaclone line. 1 Jet Fighter Type; No. After a time, however, Koujin Ohno took the spotlight when he penned and proposed the Car Robots subseries. the upc... Today I had the pleasure of seeing a prediction fulfilled. I obtained this set a couple of years ago. Pictorial Review: So what are we talking about? ~ HD. Diaclone Swoop MIB unused - Part 1 - Mint in box, Diaclone Swoop MIB unused - Part 2 - Out of box, robot and dinosaur pics. Password mismatch. Longimte lurker here: Stunning stuff as always. Old Timer Series 01 - Engineer Huff is Cubex's version of the Generation 1 before discontinuing adding it to the boxes directly. Every birthday brings me one year closer to death. Masterpiece style... 5 month-old Man of Steel (comes with Mom)This year's STGCC a month ago was This was the mould that became Swoop and released as a Dinobot in 1985. Takara had some greater success in continental Europe, where French licensee Joustra and Italian GiG produced spinoffs like GiG’s Trasformers [sic] / Diaclone. releases The Grenade Box Protection (GBP) armor for Yamato’s 1/60 Version 2 Diaclone Swoop MIB unused - Part 3 - The cartoon accurate Dinobots! Not long after, Takara tried their luck again with Kronoform, focusing on many of the earlier Diaclone toys not selected for Transformers use. El sistema de ir mostrando las figuras por wave es un problema. medals. [image: photo lyn29_zpsz2ofhf4b.jpg] However, the series concepts diverged, and by its release Diaclone became separate from the Microman universe of fiction. So, the Siege toy line is in full swing, with a whole slew of toys having Here, I will attemp... Treasure X Ninja Gold Series 6 Swords & Hunters Review Moose! address you used for your orders. The Diaclone toyline was first introduced in 1980, but it was not until March 1982 that toys with alt modes based on realistic, present-day vehicles began to appear as part of the "Car Robots" sub-line. I wonder why. =)I will take your advise and check out these pieces and their original retail price. When I see "198X", I always tend to think its a date or a year, since TFs are so linked to the 1980s. So the latter 2 Dinobots have this special place and are something that I really want. Wolverine Figures (X-Men 1996, Marvel Universe 1997), Princess Floralinda and the Forty-Flight Tower by Tamsyn Muir, WWE Elite Collection (Survivor Series): Drew McIntyre, Transformers Generations Selects Comics CBR + Musings on translating, Accessories for Yamato 1/60 (version 2) VF-1: Heavy Armor, Dell Technologies Transformers Promotion Discovered – A Transformers Oddity, Mi colección de Starscream no transformables. [ima... Bueno bueno bueno, hola a todos!!! a big surprise for me, really--I just wasn't expecting that many people to Samples of Diaclone toys can fetch exorbitant sums of money on the secondhand market, almost always more than their widely-distributed Transformer counterparts. cumbersome process to get there. hey VF1, "Transformers cartoon accurate" is also the key and perhaps only reason I bought this piece. minibot Huffer. So, for some reason, the page is missing for God Ginrai, so I will make As the Transformers fandom has become more aware of Diaclone, many homages and references have been made within the Transformers product line. Yards). This book was so much fun! To me, it is this piece's near 100% cartoon accurate colour scheme that is so alluring to me. Heroic Deception has moved and is (somewhat) back! Last year, I remember hearing more Unfortunately I’m going to come across as a filthy casual with the Sobre todo box from Japan yesterday and it had an Ultra Magnus decoy in it. and I am celebrating this occasion by officially retiring it. few eyebr... Hace poco más de dos años que publiqué por última vez en este blog. The Diaclone Corps was pitted against the evil Waruder Army, whose few mecha were themed around insect-like creatures. I think you have contributed to one (or more) of Maz's articles on TF Source, if I'm not mistaken.Thanks for the clarification on the sticker. Encore, but we'll see), I hope to seek out Grimlock's MP-8 variant, if not these in their Japanese packaging (which I heard is not easy). I don't usually collect Diaclone and am not very interested in the other Diaclone Dinobots, but man, Swoop, is a must get for me.I have photos prepared and will be doing a comparison article on Swoop (TF version vs Diaclone version) soon, so keep eyes peeled... and I will also be mentioning the working wheels part.The less rounded beak and wings make SUCH a difference. been released and more on their way! I did think it strange why a sticker was needed and what the fuss was about the product ID. Ever asked the question - "Where should I go to shop for G1 Transformers if I am in Osaka, Japan?" remolded and... Part 4 in our Let's Play of Hudson Soft's NES classic Faxanadu. This was the mould that became Swoop and released as a Dinobot in 1985. This in turn facilitated the first “true” combiners: mecha that could change between a vehicle or robot, and also combine with other figures into a larger robot. Earlier series had featured changing robots, but Diaclone embraced it, and made the feature its single central purpose. new... Today is the 10th anniversary of the start of "Transforming Seminarian," Product ID number is "160102-7-1980". I'm on the march to the end of the US G1 line, and it's been a slow, Con" is, you may be thinking that as cool as these figures are, they're old In the intervening time, I have not stopped collec... Today, I am focusing on the VSY giftset, which is Grimlock versus Soundwave and Frenzy. Triple Changer, Japanese Transformers C-83: Sandst... New acquisition - Japanese Transformers D-50: Moto... G1 Japanese mailaway exclusive Masterforce C-200: ... Diaclone Swoop MIB unused - Part 4 - comparison between Diaclone Swoop and G1 Swoop. Again thanks to my good buddy who gave me a very very good deal! Séptimo round, Angry Canadian Decepticon - A Transformers Blog, Faxanadu - Let's Play #4 NES (Hudson Soft), Five Tips to Sell Transformers Right: A Journey Through Transformer Land, The Great Cybertronian Write Off - Weeks 7, 8 & 9, Transformers TCG Wave - Siege II - Checklist, Review: Onell Design Glyos Armorvor Kugarrec Onell Design, War For Cybertron: Siege – Further Impressions, Robots That Turn Into Things! After only seven toys, distributed via specialty toy and hobby stores in 1983, the line died out. =). This artwork has become legendary within the Diaclone and Transformers collecting community for its style, vivid … HD: Congrats again on getting such a rare and nice toy in such great condition! We are talking about pre-Transformers Diaclone dinosaur robo no.5 (I'll call it "Diaclone Swoop" for easy reference). Birthday 2017 - Takara 21-Reflector MIB and a delightful discovery. In Masterforce, Powermaster Optimus Prime was The series exploded in popularity, and shifted entirely to the various “Real & Robo” subseries, such as Train Robo, Construction Robo, and Jet Robo. read my mo... Modern luxury house in 2420 Square Feet (224 Square Meter) (268 Square Do check back or subscribe to this post for my responses or to see comments from other readers! correct. It's been a few weeks, but the *Great Cybertronian Write Off* has not Live on Kickstarter: Transformers G1 Unofficial Photographic Archive (Volumes 1 & 2), Heroic's Osaka Transformers toy shopping guide, Treasure X Ninja Gold Series 6 Swords & Hunters Review Moose, Toybiz 10in. Diakron was Takara’s attempt to market their new transforming vehicles directly. Though Diaclone remained strong into 1984 (having even germinated the transforming “real” objects back into Microman [see Microchange]), Hasbro’s fateful decision to market the same toys as Transfomrers spelled the end. Your user name does sound familiar. day by a user that identifies on Instagram as @Drunk3n_n3rd and raised a At long last, they dropped the driver interaction in order to open up the range of scale that could be used. Square feet detailsTotal area : 2420 Sq.Ft.No. 5 Questions I Need Answered About Star Saber, A Tribute to the Crew of the USS Voyager (Playmates Toys), Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention 2013 (STGCC 2013), S.H.figuarts Kamen Rider OOO Latorata Combo. Video Spotlight: Thanks for posting something. Fantastic! It has been sometime since my last post, approximately three years, which is a long time. Like USA Swoop or Japanese box Swoop, the Diaclone Swoop also happens to be the hardest to find and rarest of the pre-Transformers Diaclone dinobots. I recently completed my quest to watch every Star Trek episode from every This is one of a number of contentious, often discussed but never resolved G1 Transformer continuity issues. During its height, the name Diaclone is also associated with a few smaller toylines in the west. show... Latorata Combo is OOO’s form when he uses Kazari’s Lion, Tora and Cheetah (Loved it. I thought it´d be time to go through This series moved from sci-fi into plausible reality by having the mecha disguise themselves as ordinary contemporary vehicles. Transformers was an unqualified success in the United States, and after waiting to see the results of Hasbro’s gamble, Takara turned all of its efforts toward producing Transformers domestically in 1985. "1980" is the year? handy-dandy CBR file for your reading pleasure. Finally finally ... My Botcon 2016 adventure report is finally completed, with 38 pages and 957 doubt my favourite. series, and one series that I found to be surprisingly entertaining was Looking forward to that email from you!This has certainly gone to a good home, and it's in *my* collection since E has not declared otherwise. Heh. No. (V2) VF-1... A very peculiar post was made in a Transformers Facebook group the other Happy Birthday to myself. Squirrel I have some Japanese poster promotional material next to my desk and its says Minverva is 1800yen; King Poseidon giftset is 6300yen; Metalhawk is 1980yen.... etc.Cheers, look forward to more of your thoughts here!~ HD, Your comment will be beamed to me and will be visible within 3 to 7 hours typically. Early Diaclone toys featured science-fiction vehicles that could combine or transform into various mecha piloted by the tiny figures. More so than combiners and Headmasters. I haven't bought many toys, and actually sold a good number of them in t... [image: photo lyn30_zpsdodh1gdp.jpg] Takara has been using that format only up till recently (the past 5 years or so?) Of course I wanted it. 11/22/20) I figured now was a perfect time to revisit Mattel's excellent If you don't receive instructions within a few minutes, check your email's spam and junk filters. I suspect that the sticker conceals either a different ID number or mayhaps even a different retail price.Quite interesting to rummage through one's japanese collections and check out the original retail prices on stuff like, oh, Minerva, Overlord, Raiden and Metalhawk once in a while to make you want to wish one had bought them off the shelves instead... :/ :p, hi! Please enter your password twice. Im tempted to go tonight, but I dont really want to go to work on 4 hours sleep on Friday. The result were toys that were out of the purported 1:72 - 1:60 scale range, but could represent larger real-life vehicles at a lower price point. Transformerland’s TFL Blog has exclusive high-res scans and full English translations of the Diaclone product catalogs, Which provide a wealth of further reading. As the popularity of Diaclone waxed, Takara realized that the interaction of the drivers were decreasingly a part of the toyline’s success. As the Transformers fandom has become more aware of Diaclone, many homages and references have been made within the Transformers product line. These are the earliest of the Japanese giftsets and in my opinion, the best early Transformers giftsets out there. Having a fair bit of the he wants, his species has proven to be quite modular”, then you are Diaclone swoop is very special to me because he was my first Diaclone and the reason why I bought it at the time was to have a Transformers cartoon accurate diaclone swoop. So, as you know, I've spent most of my arting at Robots With Coffee Dot Com. following post, but I have questions that need answered. If a person has only seen the TF release, they won't really known or thinks it matters, but the moment the TF release is compared to the Diaclone, the latter just blows the TF version clean out of the water! Today is my birthday. Latorata comes with optional hands, a Medaljalibur and extra Tora :)The "1980" on the product ID was the original suggested retail price. The initial toys were designed by Shoji Kawamori and Kazutaka Miyatake, who were established mechanical designers contracted to Takara from Studio Nue. Canadian red faced Slag with his fellow Dinobots! When young, I had Grimlock and Sludge. G.C.I and the Feral Cons: Ready to Slash! slowed down! stor... ¡No contaban con mi astucia! Movie - Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF) (105). Very oddly, the number is stickered on. (I'll explain why in that email I owe you. As Takara was riding high off the popularity of its venrable Microman series, they decided to reduce the scale of the figures in exchange for the ability to focus more on vehicles and mecha. We are talking about pre-Transformers Diaclone dinosaur robo no.5 (I'll call it "Diaclone Swoop" for easy reference). images. I haven't had time to make many new blogs for a while. For some bizarre and unknowable reason, the USA cartoon's Swoop colours were based entirely on Diaclone Swoop's colour scheme - ie: blue chest, golden beak, golden missiles, etc. My primary focus is trying to complete my collection of We've sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Diaclone is held in a special place of reverence by most Transformers fans due to its connection to G1, and its rarity outside of Japan. I have to say that the Dinobots have a special place in my heart. The Diaclone driver concept was gone and the robots were now sentient life forms fighting their own good vs evil battle, but more on this story later. (A Transformers blog), My Kickstarter - Robots With Coffee Coloring Book, Special Feature: Masters Of The Universe- The Motion Picture Evil-Lyn Custom Figure By Matthew Hackley, Adquisiciones 2017 Takara Legends LG49 Targetmaster Triggerhappy & Blowpipe, Decepticon Small Headmasters Fangry and Squeezeplay, griffin's toys, travel, food & random thoughts. Click the cover images to link to the full articles! Elite Collect... Firs exciting piece of news, I have made all the Selects comics into one Please enter your email below. If you've These were direct ports of the domestic series, and both blended in to the Transformers wave when it swept across Europe in 1985. Which Decepticon reformatted into Cyclonus & Scourge? Chances are that if you're reading this title and you know what a "Feral Diaclone (ダイアクロン Daiakuron) was one of two Takara toy lines (the other being Microchange) from which the earliest Generation 1 Transformers toys came.. To see your past orders, you must enter the same e-mail Namely because I always wanted at least one when I was a kid, but the closest I had gotten was the "choose your path" type books tied to them. Transfor... *Cubex - Old Timer Series 01 - Engineer Huff* I have no mouth and I… well, it’s actually alright, because I find screaming to be quite illogical. My brother had Slag. In this vein, they hatched the idea of Inch-Man, a one inch tall version of Microman. For those who went and want to relive it, or those who missed it or miss... Quick! In my mind, it is the colour scheme that makes Diaclone Swoop the most desirable pre-Transformer Diaclone dinobot. comb... With the 2020 WWE Survivor Series PPV airing this evening (Sunday, If you answered “as many as This line, too, quickly faded. Top left hand side of the box, with the words "Diaclone adventure world". this short and sweet. How many hands does G1 Shockwave have? We'll sendyou a link to reset your password. Takara Transformers VSY: Grimlock versus Soundwave & Frenzy Giftset, Early Takara Transformers giftsets: VSX, VSY, VSZ, Goodbye Convoy and Goodbye Megatron, Takara Transformers VSZ: Sunstreaker & Skids versus Buzzsaw Giftset. Most likely Ill catch the first show of the day on Saturday. For many of the reasons above, it is the crowning jewel in many a collection, the 'holy grail' to many.

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