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I really hope that I have an opporunity to experience more of Chef Adrià's cuisine. BREAKFASTS Starts 8:00am. The namesake, El Bulli, was an awesome 3-Michelin star restaurant in Girona (near Barcelona) which I had a chance to try almost ten years ago. Our standard menu is always supplemented with produce driven daily specials. The simple restaurant was the epitome of gastronomy which offers traditional Spanish encasa of over 30 innovative dishes in its tasting menu. Fruit & poppy seed toast 6; with butter. Beer €4.5. We also drank white wine at €30 & €35. 2006 & 2007. Toasted muesli 10; greek yoghurt & seasonal fruit. Menu. Wine Spectator recommends white wines at El Bulli because acid is a better structural match with most dishes then tannin or sugar. House Cava €20 per bottle. TOAST 5; with butter, jam, honey or vegemite . Every season the restaurant invents a completely new menu. That means that visiting El Bulli more than once a year really serves little purpose, not that a reservation more than once in a lifetime is possible. Muffin of the day 4; Turkish toastie 8; bacon, fried egg & swiss cheese. Check with daily specials blackboards for a complete list. El Bulli announced that it is closing in 2011, so a return visit is unlikely. Throughout the dinner we tried two bottles of whites, a local Spanish one and a Chardonnay. I have only been able to find my 06 bill and the prices were: Water litre €3. El Bulli rose to fame on the strength of the Adriàs’ radically creative approach to cuisine. Neither of them matched well with the menu feeling too sour for my taste at times. The menu price was €165 then €175 (If i remember correctly). You can spend a little less or a lot more! Dry white wines, especially sparkling wines, are what generally show best at El Bulli. El Bulli, the Spanish restaurant widely regarded as the best in the world, serves up its final dish as it closes down after 27 years . elBullifoundation es una fundación privada con la voluntad de promocionar la innovación y la creatividad a través del lenguaje de la cocina I have visitd El Bulli Twice now.

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